Hydration Pack with 10 Free Nut Butter Gels

Hydration Pack with 10 Free Nut Butter Gels

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Hydrate correctly for every session. 

Not all sessions are made equal. Some are hard and others are easy or intended for recovery. That is why we have products to meet the requirement of both. 

Use Keto Sport Hydro Plus for Low to medium intensity training sessions to encourage fat adaption. By limiting carbohydrates in these conditions improves fat conversion and efficient fuel mix. Keto Sport has the ideal mix of Amino Acids, L-Glutamine and Electrolytes to improve your performance and Ketone production. (300g Tub)

Use Keto Sport Enduro Plus for Long rides, racing and high intensity sessions. A perfect balance of Carbohydrates and Electrolytes will allow for maximum output with L-Glutamine and BCAA to allow recovery while in activity. Everything you need to improve your performance every day. Keto-

Fat Bomb Nut Butter Gels: Made with a delicious blend of nuts with added MCT and Coconut oil these little bags delivery just the right amount of fat energy to turn into ketones. Use them while training, racing or add them to your coffee. 

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