Next Level Performance Pack

Next Level Performance Pack

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Taking your training and racing to the next level, with a performance combination of Kick-start and Keto Exo. 

The combination of these two products will produce a supercharge of exogenous ketones, plus the performance-boosting effect of Kick-start's vasodilating properties to deliver more energy and oxygen to your hard-working muscles and keep your brain super sharp to power you to the next level.  

Keto Kick-Start is specifically formulated for enhanced endurance and performance in mind and is 100% sugar-Free. No stimulant overload and crash! Expect an even longer lasting energy surge to keep you focussed and performing for longer at a new level of intensity.  With 4g of BHB ketones and no sugar, Keto Kick-Start provides additional ketones to keep you in the zone!


Keto Exo is the perfect race and training formulation combining essential electrolytes, BCAA’s and Glutamine with industry-leading BHB to provide a performance advantage to athletes. Each serving of Keto-Exo delivers 12g BHB-Na allowing rapid availability to Ketones to power your body and mind.

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