Training Pack: Get HydroPlus FREE

Training Pack: Get HydroPlus FREE

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Cover all the bases with 4 specifically formulated products. 

Make every session count, and every race a PB by using the right combination of products at the right time.  Each product is formulated to meet the demands and requirements of your body, used in combination you can train smart and race hard. 

Keto Kick-Start is specifically formulated for enhanced endurance and performance in mind and is 100% sugar-Free. No stimulant overload and crash! Expect an even longer lasting energy surge to keep you focussed and performing for longer at a new level of intensity.  With 4g of BHB ketones and no sugar, Keto Kick-Start provides additional ketones to keep you in the zone!

Use Keto Sport Hydro Plus for Low to medium intensity training sessions to encourage fat adaption. By limiting carbohydrates in these conditions improves fat conversion and efficient fuel mix. Keto Sport has the ideal mix of Amino Acids, L-Glutamine and Electrolytes to improve your performance and Ketone production. (300g Tub)

Use Keto Sport Enduro Plus for Long rides, racing and high intensity sessions. A perfect balance of Carbohydrates and Electrolytes will allow for maximum output with L-Glutamine and BCAA to allow recovery while in activity. Everything you need to improve your performance every day. Keto-

Keto Exo is the perfect race and training formulation combining essential electrolytes, BCAA’s and Glutamine with industry-leading BHB to provide a performance advantage to athletes. Each serving of Keto-Exo delivers 12g BHB-Na allowing rapid availability to Ketones to power your body and mind.

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