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Some of the very first research of ketones for performance was done by Dominic D’agostino and stemmed from the research  funded by the office of Navy research, specifically to kind of enhance the Navy SEAL, war fighter, physical performance, but most importantly, their resilience to the undersea environment.  Navy SEALs use what’s called a closed circuit oxygen re-breather, which can cause oxygen seizures. These seizures were notably reduced with Ketones. 


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Ditching carbs may be the key to military success in America’s future wars.

Top Pentagon officials say research has shown that human bodies in ketosis — the goal of the popular and controversial ketogenic diet — can stay underwater for longer periods, making the fat- and protein-heavy eating plan a potential benefit to military divers. It is one example of a rapidly growing trend as military researchers zero in on how nutrition and certain drugs can enhance how fighting men and women perform in battle.