For athletes that train like champions…

or everyday champions like you and me

The Keto Nutrition AUSTRALIA ‘CLUB KETO’ is now open.


Join the Keto Nutrition movement. Our global team is growing and we are on the search for like minded Keto adapted athletes who are dedicated to advocating the Keto lifestyle.

Our objective is to support a team of inspiring Keto adapted athletes from across the globe.

We want to build an inclusive, motivational and authentic, community driven team in which our Keto Ambassadors can share their common passion for the Keto Nutrition lifestyle and healthy athletic pursuits.

Our Keto Nutrition Team want to get their communities active and healthy, they actively pursue a Keto adapted diet and lifestyle, they have seen and felt the direct benefits of being a Keto athlete, they participate in sport events within their discipline and share their passion, knowledge and inspiration with their team mates and communities. Does this sound like you?

Wondering what’s in it for you?

Whats in it for you?

  • Team support and advice
  • Part of an inspiring, driven community of like minded athletes.
  • Discounted product,
  • Nutritional support,
  • Advice & training
  • Streetwear kit
  • Monthly giveaways for team members
  • Earn referral commission

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Team Member Obligations!

  • Active participation in the Keto Team community  through advice, feedback and discussions.
  • Actively persue a healthy active lifestyle.
  • Promotion and advocating of the Keto Nutrition lifestyle and products
  • Online Brand Promotion

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