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Christopher: Hello! Welcome back to the Key-Test Summit. My name is Christopher Kelly, I am here with Menno Henselmans. Menno is an online physique coach, a fitness model and a scientific author. The image that you’re looking at right now is Menno. I think it’s the strawberry image for maybe reason we’ll get into it a bit.

Menno is a certified personal trainer with the institute of Sports Science association. He has degrees from University of Warrick in the UK. He’s a fitness model and the director of Bayesian Body-Building which is a fantastic website if anybody wants to check it out.

So Menno, thank you and welcome for the Keto Summit. Tell me about this image. Is this a level of body composition that you’re able to achieve for any length of time?

Menno: Uh yeah. It is, at least for about a couple of weeks on hand. But yeah, this would be my photo-shoot conversion. So I don’t walk around like this year-round but it’s achievable for decent period of times. It’s not a one day.

Christopher: I’ve never seen anything like it. Look at this… so I’m not, I don’t know anything about anatomy, the creations on your shoulders. Have you seen that on another fitness models quite like that?

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