For athletes that train like champions…

or everyday champions like you and me

You have put in the months of hard work, conditioned your body to a well tuned machine and everything goes according to plan, you cross the finish line feeling great and having smashed your goals!

Then it hits you… the post race endorphins are quickly replaced with the tell tale aches, pains , sore throat and sniffles of the pending flu.

The amount of stress put on the human body during an endurance event often causes the most well prepared athletes to come down with a post-race cold or sickness.

Why if I am at my peak fitness and health am I getting sick?

Exercise is great for your health and certainly boosts your immune system, but with all things – within moderation. When you move past the point of moderate exercise into Ultra distance and endurance training, you are taking your bodies outside of their ‘comfort zones’ and so like any well run system.. it reacts accordingly.

Exercise, in moderate doses, increases immunity. The body reacts to stress from exercise similarly to the way it reacts to an infection, and your immune system gets a slight boost from the stimulus. But when you cross the line into endurance exercise and really long or hard workouts, it starts to work in the other direction, explains Nate Jones, MD, sports medicine physician at Loyola University Medical Center. During intense bouts of fitness, the body is flooded with stress hormones (like cortisol) and the immune system reacts by kicking into defensive gear. Once you cross the finish line that protective immune response decrease more rapidly than the stress hormones making you more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria.

Risk Factors:

  • Extreme weather conditions, competing in extreme conditions unlike those you have trained in can cause your body core temperature to fluctuate put you at a higher risk for fever.
  • Not properly cooling down: a slow cool down exercise post event will allow your body to naturally cool down in a controlled manner and return to within a normal range.
  • Avoid The Post Race Hug; yes we all get excited at the end, but let’s opt for a more hygenic fist pump rather than 100s of sweaty huggers. Remember your immune system is now at its weakest, so protect yourself. Avoid touching your face ( or other peoples) and carry alcohol-based sanitizer in your kit bag.
  • After Race Chill: After your event, make sure you have cooled down sufficiently and remove your damp, seat soaked kit which will further cause your body temp to drop. Be prepared with a clean warm change of clothing- even if it is a warm day.
  • %$&*!!* Rest: a swear word to most athletes, but a vital element to add to the mix. Your body has been functioning under ‘stress’ conditions for an extended period of time and needs the rest in order to recover from the ‘abnormal stress’ conditions.

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