Keto EveryDay Snack Bar – Mixed Box [Box of 12]



KETO Everyday Snack Bars are low in carbs and sugar, to fit perfectly into your everyday Keto lifestyle.

There’s a favorite (or two) for everyone!

Cappuccino Nut

Cappuccino flavored bar with crunchy nut texture.  A delicious combination of coffee, nuts and chocolate. Only 4g carbs!

Toffee Caramel

Where toffee meets caramel covered in chocolate. Almost too good to be Keto 😉 but at just 1.5g per bar its VERY Keto!


Chocolate coated coconut. With just 1.9g Net Carbs per bar you can have the familiar delicious taste of your favorite tasting treat, but without the sugar or regret, wherever, whenever you want.

Cherry Coconut

A favorite flavor just got a whole lot healthier! 1.6g Net Carbs per bar and the amazing Cherry coconut flavor you love!

A great tasting, guilt-free treat, whenever, wherever

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