For athletes that train like champions…

or everyday champions like you and me


Sport of Choice: Road and Trail Running

I don’t “hit the wall” anymore, no matter the distance I’m running. Secondly, I’m now able to pace myself better, whether I’m training or racing, meaning I can maintain a steady and even pace for as long as I want to (more control).

Having completed 18 marathons, seven ultra-marathons and one 100-mile race, Dinilesizwe is proof that with a little bit of discipline, consistency and a good sense of humour, anything is possible. His goal is to inspire people to push beyond their limits and to realise their true potential.

Because I know what it’s like to be the “underdog”.

Dinilesizwe started running in January 2013, primarily to lose weight and to take control of his health. He joined Century City Athletic Club (CCA) and did a few 5km training runs with the club. A few weeks later he signed up for his first 10km race.

I do not recall what my finishing time was, but I do remember thinking “perhaps this running thing is not for me”. It was by far the hardest thing I had ever done.