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Sport of Choice: Running

I switched to a low carb lifestyle in 2012 after recurring stomach issues were a problem when going on my runs and slowly gaining weight even when I was training consistently. I have since run 13 marathons and 9 ultra marathons including 2 Comrades.

My journey started in 2012 where my main motivation was to stop smoking, I shudder now at the thought that I was once a smoker. I ran my first 21km race in this year and started to realise that my cycling, all those year ago, had put me in good stead for my new sport and my love for running was born. I finished that first half marathon in a time of 1 hour and 40 minutes with an average pace of 4:44 per km.

In 2013 I was gradually running more and more and also ran my first sub-90 minute half marathon. The passion for running was now firmly lodged and it was time now for some bigger challenges.

2014 brough the Deloitte 42km Marathon in Pretoria as well as “Om die Dam”, 50km race around the Hartebeespoort dam and the famous Two Oceans Ultra 56km in Cape Town.

2015 I made my Comrades debut. 2016 went on and completed 6 marathons and 5 ultra marathons including my second Comrades which went really well!